Mikes Bike Cannon Beach

Summer HOURS: OPEN 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Thursday thru Monday
CLOSED Tuesday and Wednesday

Call 1-800-492-1266 to learn LOW TIDES needed for BEACH RENTALS

FUNCYCLE Rentals for Beach Use ONLY beach bike

Hours available depend on daily tides, we cannot rent for 90 to 120 minutes before and after a HIGH TIDE because there is NO hard wet sand to ride on.

4 sizes available Regular Funcycles 5 ft to 6 ft riders
Banana Peels 5 to 10 yr olds and Mini Banana Peels 4 to 6 yr olds
FREE Trailers for Infants and children up to 4 yrs

RATES (No reservations necessary)
$16 for 90 minutes or one and 1/2 hours

$14 for 90 minutes or one and 1/2 hours (minimum) FOR Children's BANANA PEELS

EXTRA Time: Pro rated at $12 an hour

CALL 1- 503-436-1266 during open hours to ask for best times for beach rentals

Can ridden on dry sand as well with
low pressure 26" x 4" tires w / 2 speed rear hub

fat tire

$22 for 1.5 hrs (minimum) $48 for 4 hrs, $65 for 1 day (24 hrs) $85 for 2 days (48 hrs)


Trail a bikebikebike

BEACH CRUISERS Electra COASTER 1 speeds can be ridden on the beach or street
$16 for 1.5 hrs ( minimum ) $24 for 4 hrs , $35 for 1 day ( 24 hrs ) , $49 for 2 days ( 48 hrs )
and $99 for 1 week (5-6 days)

$7 for 1.5 hrs $14 for 4 hrs for a Trail A Bike for 3 - 6 yr old children behind a Beach Cruiser

TANDEM Beach Cruiser ( 2 wheels - 4 legs ) $20 for 1.5 hrs ( minimum ) $30 for 4 hrs , $45 for 1 day

Rent Road Bikes or Crosstrail Bikes on a 24 hour or day basis because the best riding on a weekend is done early in the morning on Highway 101 south to Manzanita and back (30 miles) or you can continue to Nehalem on Hwy 101 turn left on the North Fork Road and continue north on County Hwy 53 to Hwy 26 west and south Hwy 101 to Cannon Beach (52 miles) or from Seaside north to Ft. Clatsop National Park & Astoria (18 to 22 miles) on newly improved Lewis and Clark/Logan Road any day on this road because there is less traffic and no large truck traffic.

Allez  Dolce
Men's SECTEUR Sport Triple available in 56cm and 58cm (longer stem available for 6'2" + riders)
Womens DOLCE in 51 and 54 cm have triple chainrings
Included with rental seat bag with spare tube, patch kit, tire irons and CO2 pump
Helmets and maps furnished SPD /quill combo pedals Bring SPD Shoes if other pedals required bring shoes and pedals

$25 for 2 hr minimum, $40 for 4 hrs ,
$55 for 1 day (24 hrs, $75 for 2 days (48 hrs)
$95 for 3 days (72 hrs) $150 for 1 week (5 days)
w/$20 for each additional day $250 for 10 days

Our Road Bikes have made it to San Francisco in 10 days (70 miles a day)
catch the AMTRAK there and return to Portland (Bikes can be returned to us via POINT Bus)
and you can make your return connections at PDX

Other riders have ended their tours in Brookings, Or or Crescent City, Ca and rented economy cars
dropping their rental bikes off on the way back to PDX

Because of our limited availability on road bikes we suggest that you make by phone (1-800-492-1266)
a 50% deposit at least 2-3 weeks in advance of any rentals 3 days and more.
We do charge a 20% cancellation fee on the deposit if the cancellation is less than
72 hrs in advance of the rental reservation.


bobBOB S.E.Revolution Stroller Available for to RENT

$10 for two hours
$20 for 6 -8 hours
$30 for 24 hours (one day)
$50 for 48 hours (two days)
$60 for 72 hours (three days)
$75 for one week (five - six days)

Please reserve for a two to five day rental